Safari in the North

When people hear the word Safari the first thing that comes to mind is Safaris in African Savannah – which is natural. That African safari image is everywhere from photos to TV, movies, internet, and even Safari slot machines in the supermarket have the typical African animals in them such as lions, cheetahs, giraffes, zebras, and antelopes. Safaris can be very different from that – in fact, one can also enjoy different types of safaris in the northern countries, in Northern Europe and North America.

Safaris in Northern America

Northern America is a vast area covering different climates and therefore different nature: plants and animals of many species. In the North American wild one can find very remote destinations far from the major cities – or far from any habitation what so ever. The best way to go on a North American Safari is camping if the weather is not too extreme cold. In that case, accommodation in a cabin or a lodge/hotel is a good idea. There are many tours available with experienced guides. For those who want to travel alone, there are many guided hiking and self-drive routes.

Alaska, of course, is the most famous northern safari destination for nature lovers. It offers breathtakingly beautiful scenery from never ending forests to mountains and deep blue lakes and fast running rivers. In these areas, wildlife such as bears, wolves, deer and many bird species can be seen. There are options from easy traveling and the more extreme, self-catering camping.

Northern European Wildlife

Northern European countries such as Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland are famous for their vast space. Iceland has unique nature with a lot to see for any nature and northern safari lover, especially those who like the open scenery, hills, and the unique setting. Norway is the place to go for an active holiday. It might not be the place where you will spot the most animals during your safari, but you will visit places you will remember for the rest of your life – the landscape of Northern Norway is filled with sharp mountains, blue waters, and that typical Lapland hilly scenery.

Towards Sweden and Finland, the mountains turn into huge hills. These are the places to visit in autumn when you can see the mountains in bright colours of red, yellow, orange, and brown as nature gets ready for the winter.