Safari Fashion

Safari fashion has always been about being very practical, being comfortable, and of course being safe and protected against weather, animals, and hazards. The practical and comfy clothing from safaris, with its earthy colours and tones, has also had its effect on fashion. The same designs and colours are seen in many leisurewear, even though they would hardly be for safari. The cut is usually loose and leaves room for some air. Tight clothes against the skin are not the best choice – not to keep cool or to keep warm!

Safari clothes often have many big pockets, as out in nature it’s nice to have everything with you ready and handy. This trend can be seen in much outdoor wear these days.

Good quality shoes, preferably long boot type, which give extra protection against insects, snakes, and other dangers, are a must in a safari outfit. The ground can be very uneven and tricky to walk on, sometimes wet and rocky, and sometimes full of thorns, therefore a pair a safari boots with their thick bottoms is necessary.

Safari Wear in Different Areas

Safari wear, like any other fashion, differs from area to area and naturally there is a big difference between summer safari wear and winter safari wear. To go on a safari in the north, in the cold countries, one must wear special warm clothing and put effort into staying warm and dry. In the hot summer heat safaris in Africa, on the other hand, staying protected from the sun, heat, and dangers is the most important thing.

Timeless Fashion

Many safari clothes are timeless. They come in and out of mainstream fashion, but for the safaris they are perfect. They serve a purpose and it’s not just to look good –although that is, of course, a great bonus.

Usually, safari clothes have natural colours such as different shades of brown and green, which blend in well with nature. This makes the human less of a threat to the animals as they don’t stand out, and give an opportunity to view the amazing wildlife closer.