Cheap Safari Trips

Safari trips in Africa don’t need to cost a fortune – not anymore at least. There are relatively cheap flights available to many big cities in Africa such as Nairobi, Windhoek, and Johannesburg, all of which have a big National Park close by.

In principle, the local companies always offer cheaper packages than those from big international touring companies. It’s good to compare tourist experiences with the local businesses and tours as well as accommodation before booking – this can be done online on sites such as the Lonely Planet. Many of the local tour operators, even the cheap ones, have websites available. This and email is usually the best way to contact the safari operators when booking, and before booking the flights. The most expensive packages are the packages including everything from flights to safaris at the destinations.

Traveling this way is, of course, safe and comfortable, but by comparing prices and doing some research, one can end up saving quite a lot of money.

Affordable Safaris in Kenya

Kenya is one of the most well-known locations for safari tourism. It is also the home of the famous book, “Out Of Africa” by Karen Blixen, as well as many other literal classics based in Africa. In the time since the early 1900s, the African safaris have been popular, and the popularity is forever growing. Now there are also many affordable options available. There are safari packages, which include transportation from Nairobi to the safari, guided game drives, accommodation, and transportation back. This, paired with flights booked with special rates, can get you a Kenyan safari cheaper than ever before.

Traveling Cheaply and Safely in Namibia

Today there are very reasonably priced flights from Europe to Namibia’s capital Windhoek. Namibia is quite cheap for a tourist traveling with Euros, British pounds, or US dollars. For example, the currency is the same as the South African Rand. Accommodation, food and even eating out in restaurants are affordable, and so are the activities available.

Many local safari-tour companies such as Camel Tour Safaris, offer trips from Windhoek that include transport, game drives, guides, accommodation, and meals. These local companies are the cheapest option for guided safaris. Another option is the self-drive safaris which can be done almost all over Namibia quite cheaply (one needs to, of course, pay the car rental), as well as in the neighbour countries South Africa and Botswana.

Africa has many destinations which are not popular and can be, therefore, much cheaper. Animals can be spotted in many smaller national parks and conservation areas as well – sometimes there are even better sightings than in the larger areas, which are crowded by hundreds of tourists. The smaller parks are also, in general, a lot cheaper than the most popular locations.