The Best Safaris in Africa

Africa has many unique and beautiful countries, which offer nature at its best with wildlife all over. Some of the most popular safari areas in Africa are in countries such as South Africa, Kenya, Namibia, Botswana, and Tanzania. All have a huge variety of wildlife species and unique landscapes and climates.

Visiting Kenya

Kenya has huge wildlife areas, one of the most famous wildlife safari areas being the Masai Mara. There one can spot all the common African wildlife species including the Big Five:

  1. the African Lion,
  2. the African Elephant,
  3. the Cape Buffalo,
  4. the African Leopard and
  5. the Rhinoceros.

Masai Mara is also wet enough for the hippos, flamingos, crocodiles and other species, which live close by big water areas.

The Famous Kruger National Park in South Africa

Kruger National Park in northern South Africa is one of the most famous safari areas in Africa and holds some special safari history, which has been captured in many photos, stories, and videos throughout the years.

Kruger area is vast, and the closest big cities are Pretoria and Johannesburg, from both the traveling to Kruger is easy and relatively fast. There are many safari options available from one to several days and from guided to self-drive safaris. As the area is big, it is important to do some research beforehand, just to make sure to cover the best spots for wildlife viewing. The big cities in South Africa are quite hectic, and the crime rate is very high. Therefore traveling alone must be done cautiously – it’s important to know where to go and where to stay. Kruger area itself has also not been saved from crime – the ever growing poaching of endangered wildlife species such as Rhinos and Elephants is a real problem.

A lot of local anti-poaching organizations take donations – this is an excellent way to support these beautiful animals and help their surviving.

Safe Traveling in Namibia and Botswana

Where Namibia and Botswana might have the most popular safaris, when it comes to traveling safely and comfortably these are excellent options. Northern Namibia has the famous wild national park Etosha. It’s easy to go to Etosha from the county’s capital Windhoek by car, bus, or even with a domestic flight.

In Etosha, the chances of seeing the big five are great; the Leopards are mostly spotted during the dark – therefore a guided night drive safari is good to take. The area is beautiful and human touch is not seen much. Compared to South African safaris or those in Kenya or Tanzania Namibian and Botswana safaris are more quiet meaning there are far fewer tourists. This makes the safari experience even more authentic.