The Best Companies to Travel

As I told on my About Me site, I love safari tours, the African wildlife, and viewing the animals. This is one of the top reasons people travel to Africa. I have listed some of the options you have here and things you should consider about each option. The aim is, of course, that you get the most out of your trip to Africa, and out of your safari experience, without going over your traveling budget. Luckily, there are many ways to explore the African Safaris. Local companies are usually cheaper, and sometimes know the area better than big international safari tour companies. The safest way to success is to do your research well! Look into the Internet and read about all the safaris and touring companies that you find potential. A price comparison is also critical as different touring agents can have very different prices for safari tours in the same areas.

Local Is the Best When it Comes to Price and Knowledge

As I have already mentioned, the local companies are usually the cheapest. They also know the areas better than anyone else and use a local workforce and trusted guides. These local guides can give a lot of depth to your experience as many of them grow up around the parks and can share their knowledge and stories.

Big Trustworthy Agents

If money is not the key issue, and perhaps you are after a more luxury trip, then booking a whole package straight from your home country from a big well-known touring agency might be the best option. This way you can guarantee that the standard of the trip meets your expectations.

  • Tour Agencies

The big tour agencies usually offer a high standard of accommodation, and they also offer fine options for activities and eating. The whole package includes everything from flights to accommodation, transport, guided safari tours and meals.

The downside of these trips is that you will spend the whole tour with the same bunch of people, usually from your country. The international exchange is minimal, and some of the local experiences might be missed.

  • Self-Driving Tours

The same goes with the self-driving tours – if you do not happen to be very social and have a hard time making friends on camping sites as you go, you can lack in the personal connections that you get from other types of tours. Usually, self-drivers spend most of the safari on their own.

The most social option and the overall best choice might be to support small local safari tour companies, and local game drivers inside the safari resorts.