About Me

Welcome to my safari themed blog! I have lived in Africa for a long time and have been fortunate enough to work with many amazing animals. I will share my experiences from Africa on this blog – hopefully you will enjoy my real-life stories and come back.

Safaris and Sundowners

Everyone has their expectations and ideas of how the African savannah and various sceneries and nature look. I can honestly say the reality is even better than the imagination. Africa is so full of life – from the Savannah to the mountains, jungles, ocean, desert, small traditional villages, to the vibrant big cities! There is so much to see, to do, and to experience. For me, the best thing about living in Africa must be the nature and animals.

There is no place like Africa when it comes to safaris and wildlife watching. It’s common to see wildlife, and usually, you don’t need to travel too far for it. Especially on the open savannah the animals are rather easy to spot. I enjoy going out with a 4×4 and seeing all the wild animals in their natural environment.

Exciting Outdoor Activities

Also, long walks in nature, of course not in areas where there are sightings of lions or leopards, are very exciting, and the weather is usually sunny and lovely for outdoor activities. I love looking at the wildlife, and I also write about it a lot on my blog – don’t worry I will share some amazing photos too. Seeing the sun go down or rise on the savannah scenery is quite honestly the most breath-taking view I know, and something I can never get enough of. It’s really something to experience at least once in your life! And if you’re not in the mood for beeing outside. I could recommend the Lion mobile casino that is called LeoVegas, they have really fast payouts. Tough the Internet connection might be bad in Africa, so you’ll need to go outside to play slots.  On this blog, I will also share my tips when it comes to best safari places, safari fashion (what to wear and when), where to find different animals, and also some tips about traveling and living in Africa in general.

Life in Africa

I have enjoyed my time in Africa a lot. The best thing is that I don’t only get to see all the beautiful animals, but I also get to work with them. I have learned enormously about the African wildlife and some of that knowledge and experiences I want to share with my blog readers.

Life in Africa is sometimes simple according to the Western standards, yet every day is more than rewarding. To live around so many various cultures and rich nature is a fortune and I consider myself lucky.